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Funny Email #2 Patti and her Vac

I love my family. We have a full range of really smart, funny and loving people who comprise InaLee's children and grand children. What you are going to read is a series of emails starting with an email from my sister about her new vacuum cleaner and follow up emails from a few of the rest of us. These are from June 2006. To those of you who aren't related or know us these will be boring but I want them included in my yearly book to my family.

From Patti: June 2006
My 30-year-old Hoover died three days ago. After careful analysis (i. e. I whipped through the best buys in Consumer Reports) I bought a new Hoover self propelled vacuum online at my favorite Texas vacuum dealer.
I had to share this significant moment with my sisters because only you will understand how relieved Mom would be that this new one will trap 100% of the dust mites (and I'll bet our bedroom has plenty of them!) She would also be very proud that 1) it will actually TELL me when the rug is clean instead of just spewing the dust back at me from the top of the machine AND 2) I got it tax free with no shipping costs!
Big bonus - it is purple. Alright, mulberry metallic. Just imagine what I can do with this sporty model.
My new baby arrives in five business days with the usual attachments, an extra 20 ft. long hose, and stuff that Vacuum Depot sells such as an Ultimate Dusting Brush!
Will keep you posted

My response:

I am just quivering with excitement for you..... and a big, Loooong hose too. Mine is 6 years old and barely sucks, I have to frequently grab hold of it and blow its tubes out to make it work and its only about 2 ft. long.. It doesn't stand upright by itself anymore, I have to hold it in place and then turn it on and worse yet I get no conversation. I live for the day when I can trade this old horse in for a new, long-hosed,powerful, sucking machine that talks dirt to me.
Love, your unfulfilled sister

Response from Niece Carrie:
All the cool kids are doin' it.With all of Patti's excitement about a new vac, I had to go and get one myself. (And, my 16-year anniversary is in two weeks!) I was going to buy one at the same place Patti bought one, but the one I have been eyeing just went on sale for 1/2 PRICE at Kohl's (sorry, Patti) -- so off I trotted to Kohl's with my three kids. Let me just tell you, THREE KIDS takes a lot of the joy out of vacuum purchasing. No wonder people say having kids changes everything -- even the thrill of a new vacuum purchase.But once I got home, I too experienced the elation of vacuuming my carpet with all the power of a new vac. I feel like I have new carpet! I have also been using my long hose a lot too. I even made the kids "feel the power." :-)Dearest Auntie Patti -- thank you for inspiring me toward my goal of being a better mom with cleaner carpet. Now Drew can crawl w/o getting cat hair stuck to his little hands. :-) Yuck!

Response from Patti:
Amen, Carrie. Can't you just FEEL the energy! You sound so fulfilled by achieving this goal. Just envision what you can accomplish with three children tomorrow.

Response from Niece Robbon:
Nope...the vacuum is the big deal for the anniversary. Sorry-that is allyou have to look forward to. Ha ha! I was telling Patti yesterday that I love our new vacuum. Mark bought me one before Mia was born because I was freaking out about all of the hair inthe house and couldn't stand the thought of a baby covered in dog & cat hair. It is a Hoover vacuum but with a canister for the refuse. At first Iloved the exhilaration of seeing everything that it was picking up and thought that my house felt so clean. Enjoy it while you can Carrie!! Of course it has a looong hose and the handle stays up. Need you ask? : )) Butnow that I am still picking up the same junk every time, I realize that ahouse is never clean. Ugh! The canister just freaks me out every time! Girls' gathering? What is that? I don't know that I will be able to carry on an adult conversation without mopping up slobber or cutting up someone'sfood.Robbon

Response from Patti again:
I got my new vac yesterday and it is everything I desired! Because it was our anniversary, I paid more attention to Jack than the Hoover. I even waited until we got home from seeing "Prairie Home Companion" to get it out of the box. Jack screwed the handle on and I swept away! Wow, that long hose is going to come in handy sucking up spiders. And I don't have to worry about them creeping out later.
I say, "If you need a new vac, don't wait 25 years." Shoot, in another 25 years, I won't even care if I have a vac -- or maybe even know what one is for!
I'm on a roll now. Maybe my next acquisition will be a new mop bucket and squeegee!
Response from my Nephew Kryss:
Im glad you all have your vaccuums....hehe...we have a good vac....but IMUCH prefer our upright (vacuum style) Hoover Steam Cleaner.....itrocks.....and the price was fantastic too! FREE!! Hehe....a friend wasmoving to California and didn't wana move it was pretty muchbrand new....she gave it to us...heheIm copying this to jen....she has FAR more interest in being a clean freaklike all of you.....hehe....Kryss

Love you all!!!!! I laughed again and hope this brings back memories.

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