Sunday, August 14, 2011

Part 7: Wedding Awards

We had such a good time. I had an awards list that I did for my daughter's wedding and felt that I had to make another for my son's!

Best Hosts for a Rehearsal Dinner: Steve and Peggy

Best In laws: Steve and Peggy, Stan and Debbie, Kurt and Stephanie

Best Aunts and Uncles in Attendance: Patti and Jack, Aunt Bee, Debby and Pete, "Auntie" Ruth

Best Mode of Transportation: Canoes

Worst Mode of Transportation: My sister's car which managed to lose brakes and a tail light while I was driving.

Best Singers: Jeff and Pam Hart et guys are just awesome!

Best site for a Destination Wedding: Hartland Woods

Best Wedding Dinner: Stephanie, Kurt, Carolyn and Allen

Best Wedding Cake: Peggy Hart... my personal feeling is that there is no such thing as 'bad' wedding cake but this one was outstanding!!

Worst Guests: The flies and Mosquitoes

Best Exterminator: Stan and his 6 cans of OFF battled the flies and mosquitos the whole weekend

Best Bottle of Wine: Dancing Bull...brought by JR, the Best Man... I hope someone else notes the humor in this besides me. (Hint: they are both dancers)

Best Temporary Addition to Hartland Woods: Port-a-potties and a tent

Best Decision Made by Pastor Ken: Moving to the Emerald Inn after spending a night in a tent. You get huge points for staying the first night communing with nature!

Most Beautiful Pregnant Guests: Deanna, Stephanie, and Ashley.

Best Description of the Canoe Trip: Deanna Setsura-Kirchner.... I'm still laughing... you had to be there to hear it.... especially with her Russian accent.

Best Hors d'oeuvres: Fried deer tidbits.... YUM

Best Acronyms: MOG(mother of the groom) SMOG(Stepmother of the Groom)DOG(dad of the groom) and FOG(father of the groom)

Best Siblings( and "steps") Present: Rebekah, Seth and Brian

Best Hugger: Jeff Hart. You are a love!!

Best Photographer in the Worst Light: Patti Franklin.... the pictures are such a blessing

Worst Photographer: Me. I managed to cut off my daughter's head each time I tried for a pic of Seth and her. It was dark. She is very tall.

Best Dressed: Syd and Josh

Best Memory(for me): The look in my son's eyes when he saw Sydni.

Most Patient: Steve( Even though he was bound by a contract... ask Peggy LOL)

Thank you to all the friends and relatives who made this day so very special for Josh and Syd. You made his extended family feel so very welcome.

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Yvette Burleigh said...

Thank you for sharing this special event with us! We are so happy for Josh and Sydni and I think it is even more special that they were baptized. What a way to begin their married life! Your blogs about your time with the family and their wedding made me feel like I was there. You raised a wonderful son and you now have a beautiful daughter-in-love. God bless you all and lots and lots of love and hugs...