Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Trip to Iowa Part 2: Rotarian of the Year, Moline Club

For the benefit of my readers, I have a sister named Patti who has really dedicated her professional life to helping others. She worked for the Girl Scouts in Iowa and Illinois as the Director of Fund development and Communication for those areas then transferred her laudable skills to the Red Cross where she worked till her retirement. Retirement is sort of a joke as I think she is busier now than before. She is still working with the Red Cross for disasters as a National Red Cross Disaster Reserve fundraiser and has continued her membership with the Rotary as the Youth Exchange Officer. Her job entails chairing the committee that selects and trains teens to go overseas either for the summer or for an entire year. She recruits and supports local families who welcome foreign Rotary teens into their homes. Her committee works with the teens and families to ensure that both are well placed and happy. I can't imagine the stress associated with this endeavor but she loves the job that she does and I have been the recipient of wonderful stories about all of "her" families and kids. Somehow Barb and I managed to really surprise her and Jack, my brother-in-law. I can still see their faces when we walked thru the door. They were rather slack-jawed and it took a minute for them to realize that we were actually there. What FUN!!!!! I just love surprises. I was so very very proud of her. When it came time for the award announcement I listened to the wonderful things being said about my sister and the only thing that would have made it more perfect would have been for Mom to have been there. To the Moline Rotary Club I can only thank you for allowing us to come and for keeping our secret from her. Patti deserves all the nice things that come her way. She gives so much of herself and I am grateful that she has been honored.

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