Friday, April 17, 2009

Lafayette Tea Party, Nancy Pelosi and CNN'S Susan Roesgen

**** I have some strong content in this blog.***

I was at the park in Lafayette with many others for our TEA
party and I was glad I went. It was crowded with a cross section of our population. The two things that we had in common are that we are all tax payers and we all are very unhappy with what is happening in Washington. What was neat was that I was able to talk with several people and asked them if they would be so kind to tell me where they fall income wise and if they were Democrat or Republican. Of the ones I talked with, most were middle to low middle income and it was about even as far as party lines although there were 2 independents. What was apparent was that we have some very unhappy voters and they feel that as a team we can change things. I was impressed with the speakers, the signs and the temperament of the crowd. When I figure out how to transfer my pictures from my phone to the computer I will share some really great shots of the patriots present.

I am more than distressed at the media. I make every attempt to watch several news shows so that when I give my news preference it is because I personally know what I am talking about and not just spouting rhetoric from someone else's mouth. April 16th is the last damn time I am wasting my time with CNN. I want BALANCED coverage not the crap that CNN pushes onto the airways. Susan Roesgen CNN "reporter" you are an embarrassment. Seeing it first hand just plucked my last nerve. If while watching her 'performance' interviewing people at the rally, you did not find her offensive, prejudicial and very unprofessional then there is no hope for you. You. Are. Stupid. She is a reporter not a talk show host. You Susan report the news not offer your stupid opinion. I thought that reporters were supposed to be above offering their editorial comments. You should be fired. If I remember right she stated the the rallies were "anti government, anti CNN, and a right wing event sponsored by Fox" She had the appropriate shocked look on her face and repeatedly interrupted her interview subject with her own comments. First of all we are against the government running our lives and giving away our I guess that is anti government. I was ambivalent to CNN until today.... now I am very anti CNN. I am a Fox fan but I did not see anyone from Fox at my rally. I didn't see any Fox signs nor was anyone espousing the obvious qualities that FOX has over all the others. What I took part in was a non-partisan group of people that want their elected officials, Republican and Democrat to know that you are really pissing us off and that you are elected to your position by WE THE PEOPLE and you better start listening to us.

Now on to Nancy Pelosi. You Madam are the winner of the Braying Dumb Ass Award given to the elected official that is so completely out of touch with what is going on around her. She said that the people participating were upper income.. referring it to a ASTROTURF movement not a grassroots movement. You only wish. You should be concerned because it was a NON PARTISAN event and no one there likes what you stand for. I know that you don't really believe it but you are an elected official and not appointed by God for life. You can be un-elected.

Now Dear Mr. President. You get the Head-in-the-Sand Award. Your people said that you weren't aware that there were TEA parties in over 500 cities to protest the stimulus bill and the increasing government involvement in our lives. Are you thinking that if you ignore it, it will go away. Oh, I forgot that you got a new dog. My bad. Well since you weren't aware let me tell you that there were THOUSANDS of people protesting what is happening in Washington. You should have known about it but you probably watch CNN.



Susie said...
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Susie said...

Sorry made a mistake in the first post!!! We were there. How could you not have spotted the cutest little one there!!! Check out my Flickr for photos as proof we were there!!!

Anonymous said...

I just read this to Jeff and he agreed with what you said. He says Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reed are idiots and Obama is their newly elected puppet.