Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Michelle O and English Etiquette

I have not watched the news for nearly 2 weeks thus missed our President's glorious march thru Europe during the G20 summit meetings. I have been busy with house cleaning, sangria making, raffle ticket selling, working and trying to catch a few winks here and there. I also wanted to see if I could abstain from the news without going thru withdraw. I am a news junkie. At any rate I heard snippets from friends like the haha's about the gift he gave the Queen. I really don't see too much wrong with the gift, I think it was thoughtful to have all her stateside visits on the Ipod. I happened to tune in today and had the mute on when I saw a back view of the Royal couple and B.and M. Obama getting ready for a picture. I was thinking that the Queen looks good for her age from behind and was thinking how tall Ms. Obama was when I saw Michelle reach over and attempt to put her arm around the Queen. OH NO SHE DID NOT!!!!! I was thinking to myself. Then the Queen moved slightly to the left and looked at her. Maybe I am mistaken but surely there are a score or more State Department etiquette people that should have talked with Michelle and explained to her that you do not touch the Queen without Her permission. I nearly wet myself I was laughing so hard. I wish that I could have been a fly on the wall in the Royal Bedroom that night.

QE: Oh Phillip, did you see what that cheeky American woman did to me
PP: No, What did she do?
QE: She tried to hug me. She actually tried to drape her arm across my shoulders. I am the Queen. She can't touch me. I did not give her permission to touch me.
PP: Oh Elizabeth just give off she is from the colonies and they have no manners...so very uncivilized.

I don't travel and I am pretty rude sometimes but even I know that you don't hug the Queen. Surely Mrs. Obama isn't that dumb...what was she thinking. Our first lady seems to be a very touchy feelie type of person but Michelle, there is a time and a place for everything and Buckingham Palace is just not the place. I can only thank heaven that she didn't kiss her on the cheek. It's a good thing that the Queen is a figure head or we might be sending Michelle letters in The Tower of London.

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