Monday, April 6, 2009

Amy's Shower Pictures and Food Critique

Per request of my niece and a reader named Tibby(yea!! I have a third faithful reader)here are the pictures from the shower.My hallway deer are the recipients of many a costume. Christmas finds them bedecked in bows, Santa hats, and wreathes. Graduations find them with Graduation caps on. A wedding shower sees them wearing wedding veils. During Mardi Gras I usually put them in over sized sunglasses and beads(not this year, though)I used to put bunny ears on them at Easter but lost the ears a few years back and never replaced them. This is a pic of Amy and yours truly. She is not due till the end of the month.

Two of the other hostesses with the mostesses, Courtney and Jessica.

Another hostess Jill and the ever ballooning Amy

I made a tasty Sangria if I do say so myself and Jessica enjoyed the fruit of the vine along with everyone else except the guest of honor.

Vanessa and me feeling the effects of the sugar let down. Vanessa is our very favorite MD.Last but not least Jamie and Amy mugging for the camera. You cannot imagine the blessing this baby is for Amy and I would request, all kidding aside, that all you readers please keep her in your prayers. I wish you could have seen the ultrasound picture that she had framed. When she was having her ultrasound done her husband noticed the image before Amy. In the lower right corner is an image of Jesus. It's very obvious and easy to see.

Now on to other serious things for inquiring minds, shower cake IS as good as wedding and birthday cake. Shower food is excellent in that you don't have to prepare it yourself and when you bring something it usually is your very best effort. We had about 30 guests and a ton of food. Everyone had a good time and Dr. Vanessa got to play games...her favorite shower activity. So many thanks to Dana, Jill, Courtney, Jessica, Jessie, Jamie, Yvonne(the cake lady), Angie, Amanda, Ms Saucier, and Georgette for the wonderful food. Oh and thanks to me for the Sangria and the Punch.

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