Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wedding Cake and my Diet and Electro-Magnetic Bombs

I love small towns. I love the way people think in small towns. Tonight at about 2:30am a nice older couple came into the ER with two huge boxes. The first box contained the bottom of a grooms cake all done up in camo-style with butter cream icing. The second box had about 4 dozen miniature cupcakes with butter cream icing and candy pearls. Now we don't really know these cake angels but when the bride suggested just to throw the leftovers away(what is it with these modern day brides....) the Cake Angels rescued said yummies and said nope we're taking it to the ER. So we called the nurses on the in-patient side and we all cut off hunks of cake and a few dozen cupcakes. There was so much left over the cake angels boxed up the remainders to take to the police department. These are some very smart people when you think about it. They are taking care of the nurses and cops. In the event that they get ill or pulled over all they have to say is "remember when I brought y'all some cake" voila instant VIP status!! It has been my experience that nurses and cops all have a hankering for sweets and long memories.
You will recall from previous blogs that I am dieting. I am always dieting and while I am not looking to cheat it happens. It only happens if I can justify consuming something that I am not supposed to eat. If you watch the news on a daily basis then you could pretty much justify your way up to 500 pounds with little effort. Today on the news they were discussing an Electro-magnetic Bomb. That's the one that, according to the news, would be exploded in the air, mid United States and take out our entire electrical grid. Within weeks 90 thousand people would be dead. Now I don't know about you but for me that ranks right up there with supremo justification. Bring on the cake.

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