Thursday, May 13, 2010

Not Me or It's George's Fault

Remember as a child when you did something wrong? Remember when your mom asked you "who did that?" the answer was almost always 'not me.' As a parent I thought I had a third child named Not Me. Once I came upon a hole in the curtain that was still smoldering(from a lighter... he was 6)and when questioned Josh looked at me and said "it wasn't me". When I found the lighter on his person he gave me a look of such perplexity that I wondered if 'Not Me' had put the lighter in his pocket. When we grow, providing we have had appropriate parenting,(and we are not sociopaths) the need to blame others for our mistakes was left in childhood. Don't get me wrong when you really screw up you revert back to 6 years old and try to figure a way out but well adjusted adults usually 'man up' and shoulder the blame. I used to tell my kids that if you want to do something make sure you understand that "if you do the crime you're going to do the time."

I am about sick and tired of the current administration blaming Bush for everything that is going wrong with the country. I was less than pleased(understatement) when the first TARP was initiated by Bush. Obama has raised the deficit to unimaginable heights and IS STILL BLAMING GEORGE BUSH. Obamacare was forced through and jammed down our throats because it was going to 'pay for itself' Well as of yesterday the 'savings' have been eaten up by amounts not figured in( more or less administrative costs among other things)Every time I hear Obama go off on a 'NOT ME' tangent I want to call him up and tell him that we all are tired of that excuse. You are a big boy now Barack, it's time to understand that this is all about you and your big government agenda. At any time you could have put the brakes on the out of control government spending but you just kept it up and whenever possible you blamed George. Well I miss George. Right or wrong, George was a MAN and he took responsibility for his actions.

Writing this made me realize that Obama gives me gas. It's his fault that I get so upset at the news that my blood pressure raises. I'm missing hair because when he starts in lecturing I start yanking my locks in frustration. He gives me a headache, heartache, and causes me unbelievable worry about the direction he is taking my beloved country. Given enough thought I can blame him for my virus I had last week, my broken fingernail, the rude people that come into the ER, my hemorrhoid, bad vision, saggy butt, fat knees and my dog's worms. I can blame him for my messy house, dirty car, dead plants, dust bunnies and rust in my water. The sad thing is if you really LISTEN to what he says it reminds me of a child (he can't take criticism and all but name calls people who oppose him) This 'child' controls our country.

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