Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Say What????

I swear that nothing in Washington should surprise me but it often catches me off guard when I laugh out loud at the news. If you read my blogs then you know how I stand with the Arizona illegal immigration issue. In case you don't want to read my blogs then let me sum up my feelings. YOU GO ARIZONA!!!!! Ya'all up north don't have a clue about what it is like down in Texas and Arizona. Here in Louisiana we have FREQUENT visitors to the ER who can't speak English and who are not papered BUT they have a baby who was born here thus they get to stay and get state benefits...but I digress. Sorry. Okay, well Obama and his ilk all have their collective panties in a twist because of this Arizona law. They have come strongly against it and are threatening all kinds of legal issue with the state. I was watching the news when Eric Holder(the Attorney General for those of you who are still watching "Friends" reruns instead of the news) admitted that he hadn't read the TEN PAGE law. He is threatening intervention on a law that he hasn't read. What a moron. I was giggling at how stupid he is(but he gets points for being honest) but was positively ROLLING around laughing at Janet Napolitano( she is the head of Homeland Security)when she got on TV SEVERAL times talking against the law when McCain asked her if she had read the 10 page bill and she stammered around and said ahhh... no not yet but she clarified that it was something that she wouldn't support anyway. How do you know stupid, you haven't read it. Will someone PLEASE fire her. She is beyond inept. Then Michael Posner the Assistant Secretary of the State apologized to CHINA (of all countries) during a discussion on human rights that was held in Washington last week. He was citing the Arizona law as a problem with racial profiling and our own problematic issues with human rights. Well Phillip J. Crowley, secretary of the Bureau of Public Affairs, came out in defense of Mr. Posner stating he was in fact standing up for our country explaining how debate is handled in a civil society. With friends like that we don't need enemies. But it is important to note that they have not read the law either! Come on guys it's ten pages not 2000. Read the law before you comment. Better yet, don't read it, it just makes you look even more stupid and provides me with something to laugh at.

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