Thursday, May 6, 2010

Arizona, Illegal Aliens, Terrorists and Our President(The wimp)

It's all over the news and unless you only watch cartoons you have to have an opinion of what is happening in Arizona. YOU GO ARIZONA!!!!!!!!! My hats off to the brave Governor of the state who passed the law that will enable the police to do the job the government should be doing. The police may ask for papers during the investigation of a legal stop or investigation. If you don't have ID then off you go back from whence you came. Adios. Everyone is up in arms. This says the detractors will let the police stop anyone of Latino persuasion and harass them. Get real, if that happens the lawyers will be standing in line to represent the aggrieved individual. I'm not that naive because it will happen and probably a few times but the majority of stops will be 'good' and send the offenders back south of the border. I am sick and tired of illegal aliens coming into the country, getting WELFARE after they drop a child or two and abusing the health care, educational, and government systems set aside for our own citizens. We have to tighten the border and demand that our federal government follow the letter of the law. The President really came down on Gov. Jan Brewer when she signed the law calling the act irresponsible. He sited the fact that a Latino could be taking their child out for ice cream and be stopped for ID. Well according to the law unless the person is robbing the icecream parlor there is no reason to stop him. He is so damn condescending about everything that doesn't agree with his own agenda. He should be finding ways to uphold the LAW and not allow people to flow over the border unchecked. His problem is that if he supports the ban on illegal aliens his Latino support will dry up.. too bad... MAN UP AND OBEY THE LAW. Protect the RIGHTS of the citizens of this great country who elected you.
We had another close call in New York. A car was left in Times Square loaded with explosives. The Administration has repeated that it was a thwarted attempt indicating that we stopped it... what a joke. The only thing that prevented deaths was the fact that it malfunctioned and the terrorist didn't know what he was doing, thank God. Then the TERRORIST was allowed to get on an airplane bound for Dubai before he was stopped. Janet Napolitano, bless her little heart, is clueless and we need someone who is on top of things in her position. Please, please retire before someone else gets killed in this country (refer to the Fort Hood incident). We are now so disgustingly politically correct in this country that we don't investigate obvious leads for fear of being labeled racist. Obama is so very careful not to use the word terrorist attack and I can't figure out why. There have been more than three attempts on your watch Mr. Obama. You do NOT make me feel safe. Your humility, and apologetic attitude to the rest of the world has not had the desired affect. You have made us weak and they know it. The terrorists only respect one thing... strength and action. You lack both. We are so worse off now than four years ago. Bush had many faults but keeping us safe wasn't one of them. You should take a lesson from his play book and MAN UP.

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