Tuesday, May 4, 2010

REALLY Bad Hair Day

Last Thursday night when I got ready for work I noted that my hair was particularly fetching. Those of you who know me realize that is an accomplishment because I got gifted with the world's worst hair. I have a lot of hair but it is baby fine and straight as a pin. It takes gel, rollers, a hairdryer, teasing and a lot of hair spray to poof it up to resemble the big Texas hairdo that I just purely favor. My hair was so cute I actually put on makeup. I walked in to work and started in helping the off going shift. The man in room one had just peed in a specimen container and I was taking it to the hopper room(dirty utility room) to take the collection funnel off and put the lid on. A portable bedside commode was in the doorway of the hopper room and my foot caught on the leg of the commode and I went sailing into the room. I managed to keep standing but the urine cup flew from my hand, hit the wall in front of me and splashed back all over me. I had nasty, bloody pus filled urine all over my hair and face. Thank God I had glasses on. I just stood there with my head leaning over to drain the mess from my hair while I wiped my face and glasses with Clorox wipes. I then did the best I could with the wipes and a running faucet to get the urine out of my hair. I got the 'willies' several times during the night thinking about the urine cooties that I knew were still somewhere on my person. I sprayed myself multiple times during the night from head to foot, including all over my face, with Lysol spray. I just couldn't get over the feeling that I missed a spot somewhere. When I got home I washed my hair 3 times, took a hot shower and still felt 'yucky'. I can handle all kinds of gross stuff in the ER. I don't mind poo, blood, vomit and even urine but I sure as heck don't want to wear it for the night!


Yvette said...

Ok... I know this is NOT really funny, but honestly... the way you tell your stories... ROFL... yep... I am still laughing! Yep... I pictured sweet, sweet Mama Deb covered in pee. Not a pretty picture... BUT... in my mind your facial expressions were priceless! Ah... the price of being a nurse!

Carrie White said...

Oh.my.gosh! I am dying laughing at the thought of you tripping and then the urine just makes me laugh even harder. Why do I find such pleasure in someone else's misery? It's a sickness but I sure enjoy it. :-) Sorry about losing a perfectly good hair day.