Wednesday, May 12, 2010

You Can't Fix Stupid

That saying is something I have heard for years. It's pretty insulting but fairly apt today. Every time I turn on the news I am reminded that maybe it isn't the 'stupid' that is the problem but the out and out ignorance. I listened to our President give a commencement speech where he talked about the problems with all the electronic 'goodies' that we have at our fingertips. He pleaded ignorance about such things but apparently doesn't recall that he was attached to his Blackberry during the election and had to be forced to give it up. What he expounded on was the fact that with the ease of our minute to minute communication that unfounded facts can be disseminated. It's pretty hard for the White House to be able to keep up with the flood of information that somehow gets out there to the peons. It is true that there is ridiculous information being put out as fact. What is IGNORANT is that people take everything they read as fact and not bother to check out the truth of the matter. The government is seriously talking about getting involved in regulating the Internet. Isn't that just wonderful. That folks is NOT a rumor or unfounded. I am in awe of people that don't READ, listen to more than one news channel, and believe everything that Obama says without really listening. Last night I was watching Glen Beck and he was talking about the new Supreme Court nominee Kagan. He showed a film clip of an interview question about citizens who are suspected of terrorist ties. She believes that people can be picked up and held basically till proven Innocent... however long that takes. Don't get me wrong I believe in the harshest punishment for home grown terrorists but with that mandate they could pick up ANYONE for any reason and there wouldn't be a damn thing you can do. Reminds me of Hitler's Germany and the SS. Who would determine who was an enemy of the State? Quite frankly at this current time anyone who doesn't believe in what the current administration is putting out could be considered an enemy. Far fetched..maybe, maybe not. Watch the news. It is scary. Also on Beck he was talking about the First Amendment. I can't wait to see the opposing news networks and pundits after last nights show because he recommended reading Mein Kampf. What was put out is that you need to KNOW everything that is out there to be able to understand what is happening today. He did say the Mein Kampf was written by idiots but he is right. We limit ourselves severely when we are ignorant of opposing ideas. I believe in the Tea Party. Why, because I believe that our government is getting so big it will come to a point when YOU ALL finally understand it will be to late to change. The events that I have attended have been orderly, informative and AMERICAN. What is happening is that there are outsiders that are attending that have an agenda to create a situation that puts the party in a bad light. Those who are IGNORANT will buy that crap and talk about how the TEA party members are moving towards violent demonstration. The Tea Party scares the crap out of the Republican and Democratic parties because those in office are going to be held to a higher standard than ever before.

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