Monday, September 10, 2007

Cameras, eye balls and best friends

Oh bliss, the wonder of it all..... the camera does it all by itself. I hooked the camera up to charge up the battery(it didn't need it...I have only taken 8 pics but you never know and I want to be prepared) and the computer sucked the pictures out of the camera onto my Kodak site. I want to share them with you or at least the first few
. Tonight I will try to get pictures of Becky, Shane and Stanley on here.This is a picture of my eye ball, I was playing with the camera and looking into the lens to see if it opened and closed like it should and I snapped a pic of myself...nearly blinded me. The DHC makeup is working......really.... I know you can't tell but I was hard at work and I was tired and the bags would be A LOT worse without my Eye Bright from DHC
The above pic for those who dont know me at all is of my son Joshua Hart or the-man-who-dances. He usually has hair but per agreement with his dancers for a job well done he shaved his head after the last performance. He forgot about his photo shoot with a local magazine...but he is still cute.

These next two pics need a slight explanation. This is one of my very best friends who tends to be slightly paranoid about having her pic on the internet. She is afraid she will attract a stalker. She really is very cute under the bag. Please enlarge the pic so that you can see the tiara she drew on top.

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