Thursday, September 6, 2007

Diets, Makeup and saving money for the wedding planner

In approximately one year Stan and I will be giving our daughter away. I have the estimated cost from the wedding planner. Boy does that sound planner..... but the wedding planner is looking like the most important person in my life currently. I have NO TIME. I work obscene hours and as I get older I have trouble keeping track of things. The ultimate important person in the wedding is the one-who-keeps-track-of-things. Actually that person is second to the-one-who-pays-for-things but he is still a very important person. As I stated last post I nearly choked when i saw the estimated cost. With what I felt was a reasonable cost apparently all we could have had was a preacher in cutoffs in the backyard with balloons, hot dogs, and a Twinkies Cake. But you know what, I do so love a good party so I am evaluating the things that I can give up or do without to save money for the-one-who-keeps-track-of things.

Thing number one: DHC skin care. Any of you all heard about this stuff? Its the ultimate revenge of the Japanese. I started using DHC several months ago and it ain't cheap. I use the Platinum Silver Nanocolloid Milky Essence alternating with Fermented Soy Milky Essence followed by the Platinum Silver Heavy Cream twice a day. Oh,oh, oh i forgot I cleanse my face with olive oil and olive oil soap... balance my face with CQ10 toner then use the above. At bedtime after all the above I slather on pure virgin olive oil. Then I use the Bright Eyes ointment to decrease the bags I get( from working so much to pay for this stuff). Twice a week I use the Tourmaline face pack Now I don't know if it is doing any good. I am too scared to quit using it. The packaging alone is so pretty that when I see it I can feel my face tightening up and paying for it makes other areas of my body tighten up.... but hey.. I have been telling myself that I am worth it. This was before the wedding or BTW.

Thing number 2: The other area that I spend alot of money on is my diet. I have been on Nutrisystem for several months now. It is a fabulous diet. I LOVE the food. They send you everything you need except the salad stuff, milk stuff and vegetable stuff. They even send you dessert. Man oh man is this stuff great. Diets are not supposed to taste good. You are on a diet because you are being punished for having no self control. Suffering makes you reflect about how bad it was to choose Ding-Dongs over the carrot sticks for the past 20 years. Nutrisystem is addicting and yes I have been cheating, so much so, that I have wasted the past 3 months. Now I can quit ordering the food and try to do this on my own and save money for the-one-who-keeps-track-of-things or I can really really really stick to this diet and lose my 100 pounds BTW.

Thing number 3: I get my hair done once every 3 months...100 bucks and I am good to go. That includes color, cut and tip. To keep my hair really nice I started using John Sebastian hair products about 2 months ago: Shampoo 18 bucks, conditioner 13 bucks, laminating stuff 18 bucks(its makes your hair shine.... really!!!!) and hair spray 15 bucks. I should go back to White Rain, I know I should.... it's just so hard.

If I stop using all the above I could save a fair amount of money but then I close my eyes and envision the wedding with me sitting in the front row..... overweight, thin grey hair, with sagging skin and eye bags. People will swear my mother has returned from the great beyond. I really owe it to my daughter and her boyfriend to look my best. Maybe I could have a car wash or a bake sale.......


Carrie White said...

No bakes sales -- just do like everyone else: "If everyone who reads this blog would send me $1, I could pay for the wedding of my dreams." You need to make it sound like a charity, so you could call it, "Make-a-Wish come true for an aging mother of an only daughter." Or, "The United Way of Planning a Wedding." Or you could use Shane as your platform -- he's in the National Guard and you know how everyone wants to support the troops -- it's so politically correct and everything that it just screams "send money now." And then there's the fact that you live in the hurricane ravaged state of Louisiana -- that alone says "charity" if you ask me.

Gee, I've got tears in my eyes already. Even as I'm typing I'm sealing my envelope to you with my tax-deductible gift.

kmcscash said...

Wow, you should write a book! Be sure I get an invitation and maybe I'll be thin as well.