Saturday, September 8, 2007

My New Camera

It came, it came, my new camera came. I don't understand it . It has cables, wires, pokey things, and a CD that I have to play to learn how to operate the thing. I don't do well with written instructions.....I need hands on, in your face.. this is how you do it personal type involvement.. BUT I will try to learn. Today is Saturday at 430 in the morning and I am at work. I was able to turn the camera on and took a great shot of my right eyeball. It's ridiculous how excited i was. Its got 10 or 12 megapixies things... which apparently means that i can blow pictures up to poster size and retain the quality. I CANT WAIT TO TAKE PICTURES..... coming attractions.... my cankles in my new z-coil shoes, Becky's engagement ring, all the picture 'hints' mentioned in the first post..... my mind is buzzing with all the possibilities of things that i can photograph and share on my blog!!!!! Carrrie how will i ever thank you for opening up this brand new way of self expression!!!!You of course are the bomb!!!!


Carrie White said...

Here I am -- the infamous "Carrie" aka "African Queen." I am so very happy to read your blog! I feel like I'm sitting right there talking with you in Louisiana -- blogging brings us so close. (But not so close that you know that I'm sitting here now at my computer in my bra and underwear with my belly bulging over my beaufiful, sexy Lane Bryant panties.)

Billy Wilson said...

Just press the button and shoot.

Mark and Robbon Heibel said...

Oh my gosh. You guys are a stitch. I'm not that much better looking than both of you. I've got cankles, stretch marks in places unimaginable, and a gut that hangs over everything that I can't seem to cover even with the XL maternity shirts.

I'm thrilled you joined the blogging world and I have enjoyed your posts!!! Keep it up Aunt Deb. You are the "hippest" Aunt I have!!!!