Sunday, September 9, 2007

Future son-in-law, camera continuations

I was surprised and thrilled to see a blurb on page 2 of our newspaper about my future son-in-law. It concerned his promotion in the Louisiana National Guard. He was promoted to sergeant first class in a ceremony held on 8/26 by his unit, Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 256th Infantry Brigade Combat Team. It followed that "Garrard, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III, has numerous military awards to include the Global War on Terrorism Medal, the Iraqi Campaign Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, the Louisiana Cross of Merit and the Louisiana War Cross. He joined the Louisiana National Guard in April 1994"

I liked Shane from the first time I saw him. He is a funny, intelligent, hard working and sweet guy(boy is he going to that THAT description) He has plenty to brag on about himself but you never hear him talk about himself in that light..... so I have done it for him.!!!! Benny and Frances (his parents) you raised a wonderful man for my daughter and I am so very grateful to you. You are blessed.

Now on to really serious things here... I can take pictures. I have great pics of the dogs... what I am having trouble with is getting them out of the camera into my computer then into this blog area. I am hoping to start displaying pics by tomorrow but it isn't looking good. I am techno-tarded. You all have no idea how thrilled i am that I have been able to set up this blog. My most beautiful niece Carrie is giving me tutorials via email and as long as i do exactly what she says i am doing great. I am going to keep a note book so that i can refer back to instructions. The afore mentioned future son-in-law is the V.P. of Omni COMPUTER Store..... So i know you are thinking.... why not ask him?.... well i would except i think it makes my daughter slightly upset for one of two reasons... 1)The volumes of calls that would happen if I felt i had free rain to call him each time i got confused( no more than 50 a day!!!!!) or 2) she doesn't want him to realize just how computer stupid I am!!

I will figure out how to load pics by tomorrow.

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Lazy Mom said...

Hi there! I'm Carrie's friend! She told me about your blog and I've been cracking up reading it! My favorite Carrie's Aunt's quote so far is this --> "techno-tarded" Hahahahahaha! LOVE IT! I'm totally adopting it and telling everyone that I came up with it all. by. my. self.