Thursday, September 13, 2007

Elite School for the Performing Arts/ Cornerstone Dance Theatre

Allow me to introduce my son and his business partner. They are the proud owners of Elite School of the Performing Arts. Elite is the home school for their non-profit dance group Cornerstone Dance Theatre. Cornerstone represents all dance genre : jazz, hiphop, ballet, tap God truly directed them to this fabulous building 2 years ago and enabled them to continue on this year. They started out with no money and a very kind landlord. They are doing better and better each year. They still don't really have a paycheck but HEY!!! the bills are paid, other dance instructors are getting paid and each year things are looking up!! This years performance is on tape and i will be happy to send it to you to view. I will also be happy to receive a check for any amount made out to Cornerstone Dance Theatre. We do have non-profit status in the state of Louisiana and will have federal as soon as we get the paper work submitted(its finished) with the 500.00 submission fee(we are close to having the money). Please don't think 'dance review' because it's not. You will be very surprised. Don't forget, I am serious, If you would like to see the tape send me your address and i will send it to you. I am that proud.
The picture below is Desiree Doucet, married to the most understanding of all husbands, Patrick and mother to Charlotte, Corinne, and Olivia.... her three beautiful girls. Desiree has a very impressive resume in dancing... please check it out at their site on line at She is in charge of all business ends of the operation and the ballet mistress for the junior company. She is also the outreach dance instructor in a local private school.
Joshua is the Ballet Master for the senior company. His resume is also online at the above address and is equally as impressive. He is the owner of the smartest of all canines Harts Angel on Demipoint or Demi to her friends. (she will be featured in another post...don't miss why dogs don't eat with utensils)He is my son and the brother to Becky, the bride to be. Joshua is a choreographer and has been teaching all over the country. Its not just traditional ballet...... you would be surprised.

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