Thursday, September 6, 2007

My First Ever Blog

My niece Carrie tells me that all the 'cool kids blog' so that i need to get in the groove. Apparently the only cool kids in our family are Carrie, Robbon, and now me!!! I really don't know much about this so I will be feeling my way along. The fun thing is I get to put in pictures... the 'more funner' thing is I got a NEW camera. I have bounced myself into the digital age via HSN. You see last week I was left alone. Joshua(picture to follow) was teaching a dance course in Indiana and Stan(picture to follow) was in Mississippi at his hunting lease putting a 'room' on his trailer(pictures to follow) I was left alone with the 2 dogs. Elizabeth the English Bulldog(picture to follow) was in Mississippi with daddy'. Demi the boxer, and Bently the English Bulldog(pictures to follow) weren't as entertaining as they usually are and I was channel surfing. Somehow HSN came on and they were selling cameras. WOOHOO I just love that flex pay option. I ordered a Kodak something or other. My sister Patti tells me its a good camera. Now all I have to do is learn how to use it and I will be a picture taking fool in no time and post all the above mentioned shots. I have two wonderful children. Joshua the dancer and Becky the nurse. Becky(picture to follow) is getting married to Shane( you guessed it...picture to follow) in about a year. I just got the estimates for the wedding...and thank God I was sitting. I however nearly choked on my sunflower seed that I was sucking on. I shouldn't have bought the camera.... it would have paid for a flower. The only thing pressing in my life now is to figure out how to use the digital camera, pay for a wedding that has the budget that would keep a third world country in food for a year, and most important.... lose the 100 lbs that I have gained so that my glide down the aisle will be met with gasps of surprise and comments about how OUTSTANDING I look...finally.

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Carrie White said...

Welcome to the computer age, my lovely Aunt Debbie! You are such a good student -- and all along I saw you as a "short bus" type of person -- I was SO wrong!